House A1 «am Rietpark»

Site: Schlieren, ZH
Client/Organizer: Halter AG Generalunternehmung
Year: 2012 - 2015
  • New Building
  • Commercial
  • Housing
Mode: Direct commission
Mitarbeitende: Jens Gerber, Boris Drusowitsch, Nadine Gordon-Gränicher, Timon Krieg, Evelyn Steiner, Mirko Vitali
Ausführung: Halter AG, Generalunternehmung, Zürich
Bauingenieur: HMK Kuhn AG, Dietikon
Gebäudetechnik HLK: Concept-G AG, Winterthur
Elektrotechnik: R + B Engineering AG, Brugg
Landschaft: Andreas Geser Landschaftsarchitekten AG, Zürich
Status: Realized
Project Number: 182

The building on site A1 with its striking blue ceramic facade provides the front towards Goldschlägi square. On the eastern side, recessed loggias face the neighboring building.
Above a large public hall on ground level, the surface of the footprint of 50.7 × 48.2 m is taken up by terraced single-family houses in the lower volume. Here, a narrower grid than on site A4 results in two rows of respectively eight smaller terraced single-family houses with a room width of four meters.
The plinth of the 16.7 m-deep high-rise volume houses office and retail spaces. Above, the first two stories are taken up by maisonette apartments of various types, the upper floors contain studio apartments in a compact floor-plan organization.